Estuche botella Guadalupe 250ml
    Estuche botella Guadalupe 250ml
    Estuche botella Guadalupe 250ml
    Estuche botella Guadalupe 250ml

    Guadalupe bottle case 250ml

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    This Guadalupe 250ml bottle case Corona de Baena stands out for its convenient 250ml format and its exclusivity, representing the highest range of the brand. Corona de Baena is distinguished by being an exclusive EVOO made from the picuda and picual varieties, native varieties of the area that makes up the D.O. Baena. An EVOO with a lot of character and premium quality.

    Embark on an authentic experience with every drop of Baena oils, thanks to this packaging that guarantees flavour and properties at their optimum point. Discover the culmination of excellence in Cordoba oil with the prestigious "Guadalupe 250ml bottle case" from the Corona de Baenabrand.

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    Guadalupe Bottle Case 250ml - Origin

    Corona de Baena is the jewel of our range of extra virgin olive oil, standing out in the highest quality. Produced in our own oil mills in the town of Baena (Cordoba), our olive oil is a gift from nature. The exceptional conditions of climate and land, combined with local know-how, give life to an oil like no other. Discover the pure essence with Baena oils in Corona de Baena.


    Corona de Baena is a unique extra virgin olive oil, due to its blend of picual and picuda olives. Each of these varieties brings special characteristics that combine to produce an exceptional oil, perfect for consumption raw or in emulsions, such as traditional sauces and stews.

    • Picual: Our picual olive provides the distinctive intense green color and fruity flavors characteristic of extra virgin olive oil.
    • Picuda: The picuda adds a mild sweetness that enhances the fruity undertones in this blend, providing a smooth and delicious olive oil.

    Each of these varieties is extracted using only mechanical methods, ensuring optimal extraction of their properties and their transmission to the final result.

    Tasting notes

    The Guadalupe 250ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle Case Corona de Baena stands as an essentially distinguished extra virgin olive oil, with an elegant and deep aroma. Its intense flavour evokes the fullness of fruit, with nuances ranging from freshly cut grass and fresh tomato to notes of fennel. As it is tasted, it transforms into a harmonious combination of bitterness and spiciness, innate traits of our fields.


    Due to the sensory power provided by its early harvest, it is designed for the most demanding palates. Recommended to be taken raw drizzled over bread, this gourmet oil is also the perfect complement to salads and sautéed vegetables. It is also suggested as an accompaniment to all kinds of meat and fish prepared grilled or baked.


    To keep the organoleptic qualities of this extra virgin olive oil intact, it is essential to take into account the following points:

    • The ideal temperature for consumption is between 18 and 24 degrees.
    • Store in a cool, dry place, protected from high temperatures.
    • Avoid permanent exposure to direct light.
    • Keep the container closed, as exposure to air will accelerate its decomposition.
    1 Bottle
    1 Botella


    Average value per 100g

    Energy value 3700 kJ (900 Kcal)
    Fats 100 g
    of which saturated 14 g
    Carbohydrates 0.0 g
    of which sugars 0.0 g
    Proteins 0.0 g
    Salt 0.0 g
    Vitamin E 20 mg (167% NRV)
    Store at a temperature below 20ºC and away from light.


    Olive oil of superior category obtained directly
    of olives and only by mechanical procedures.

    Peña de Baena, S.L.U.
    R.G.S.E.A.A. 160002610/CO
    Badajoz-Granada Road, Km. 323
    14850 Baena (Córdoba) T. 957 76 00 03

    2023 - Gold Medal

    Best bitter green fruity oil D.O. Baena

    2021 - Gold Medal

    Best bitter green fruity oil D.O. Baena

    2020 - Silver Medal

    Best non-bitter green fruity oil D.O. Baena

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